人教版英语九年级全一册Unit 5 课时训练题


第1课时(Section A 1a-3c)




名 词:1.c________筷子



4.b________ (女式)短上衣;衬衫











动 词:1.p________生产;制造;出产







副 词:w________广泛地;普遍地

兼词类:1.s________ n.银;银器 adj.银色的

2.p________ v.加工;处理 n.过程



1.be made __由……制成

2.be made __由……某地制造

3.be________ for以……闻名;为人知晓

4.__ hand用手工

5. the world全世界

6.be good __对……有益

7.__ matter不论;无论

8.__ though尽管

9.be good __擅长



1. __ you may buy, you might think those products were made in those countries.


2.He __ that so many products in the local shops were made in China.


3.But I had to visit five or six stores __ finding a pair made in America!




1.The door is made __ wood.

2.Paper is made________ wood.

3.The machines were made __ the workers.

4.This kind of watch is made __ Shanghai.

5.The team is made________ 30 students and a teacher.



The area is its green tea.


Lu Xun is a writer.


He will continue the work __ happens.


(  )9.English is my favorite subject, and I am good __ it.

A.for B.to C.at D.of



1.I have collected 500 c________.

2.You can use f________ to eat lunch.

3.It needs many __ (叶子) to make a house.

4.The company __ (生产) the food in the city.

5.It is a __ (可移动的) phone.


1.Yesterday evening he __ (process) his product.

2.He avoided __ (watch) the show.

3.There are many __ (handbag) in the shop.

4.People started the tradition in __ (French).

5.We went to the __ (locally) farm.


(  )1.—I think drinking milk every morning is good __ our health.

—Yes.I agree __ you.

A.to; to B.with; to C.at; with D.for; with

(  )2.Do you believe that paper is made __ wood?

—Yes, I do.And you can see that books are made __ paper.

A.from; from B.from; of C.of; from D.of; of

(  )3.We’ll have dinner at Qianxilong Restaurant, which is famous __ its food.

A.of B.to C.for D.as

(  )4.__ you do, don’t touch this switch.

A.So B.But C.Or D.No matter what

(  )5.—Wish you a pleasant journey!

—Thanks! I’ll give you a __ as soon as I arrive in Paris.

A.ring B.hand C.ride D.present

(  )6.—I think __ good to study with a group.

—I agree with you.Group work makes us study better.

A.that B.it C.its D.this

(  )7.It was a day and she felt very .

A.tiring; tired B.tiring; tiring C.tired; tiring D.tired; tired

(  )8.No matter what happens, the fact that Huangyan Island belongs to China will __ change.

A.ever B.never C.still D.hardly

(  )9.—Let me help you carry the box, Granny.

—Thank you, Li Lei.It’s very nice you me.

A.of; to help B.for; to help C.of; helping D.for; helping

(  )10.—Do you like reading books?

—Yes.Each of us __ to do more reading in and after class.

A.are encouraged B.encourage C.is encouraged D.is encouraging


There was a lovely vegetable patch (菜园).A large tree grew there.Both the patch and the tree gave the place a wonderful look, and they were the pride of the gardener.But no one knows that the vegetables and the tree couldn’t stand (忍受) each other.The vegetables hated the tree’s shadow (阴影), because it left them only just enough light to live.The tree, on the other hand, hated the vegetables because they drank nearly all the water, leaving him just enough to live.

The situation became so serious that the vegetables decided to use up all the water in the ground so that the tree would die.The tree answered back by not protecting the vegetables from the hot sun, so they began to dry up.Soon the vegetables were really weak, and the tree was drying up.

The gardener wondered why and stopped watering them.When he did that, both the tree and the vegetables realized that it was better to help each other.They learned how to live in_harmony with those around them.So they decided to work together, using both the shade and the water to grow well.After seeing how well they were doing, the gardener gave the best care to the vegetable patch, watering and fertilizing (施肥) it better than any other patch for miles around.

(  )1.Why didn’t the vegetables and the tree get on well with each other?

A.Because the vegetables wanted more light.

B.Because the tree drank almost all the water.

C.Because the vegetables weren’t the pride of the gardener.

D.Because the vegetables didn’t look as wonderful as tree.

(  )2.From the passage we know __.

A.The vegetables were sorry to see the tree drying up.

B.The gardener was very angry with the vegetables and the tree.

C.The gardener didn’t know what was happening in the patch at first.

D.The tree didn’t know how important the sun was to vegetables.

(  )3.The underlined phrase “in harmony” means “_” in Chinese.

A.长久地 B.小心地 C.有效地 D.和谐地

(  )4.Of the following, which order is right according to the story?

①The gardener worked on the patch even harder than before.

②The gardener stopped watering the vegetables and the tree.

③The vegetables decided to use up all the water in the ground.

④The tree and the vegetables realized the importance of helping each other.

A.③②④① B.④②③① C.②①④③ D.①③④②

(  )5.The passage is mainly about __.

A.why the sunlight and water were very important

B.how the gardener took care of his vegetable patch

C.why the gardener was proud of his vegetable patch

D.what happened between the vegetables and the tree


The gardener wondered why and stopped watering them.



第2课时(Section A Grammar Focus-4c)




名 词:1.b________老板;上司










1.be________ to被允许做某事

  1. __ tea种茶

3.speak __说德语

  1. traffic 造成交通事故



1.It’s in many areas.在许多不同的地区被生产。

2.Tea plants are grown mountains.茶树被种在山边。




We don’t in the classrooms.


(  )2.Your donation________ and the money will be used to help the students from poor families.

A.is greatly appreciating B.appreciates

C.has appreciated D.is greatly appreciated

(  )3.It is true that knowledge________ rather than being taught.(2011年山东烟台)

A.learns B.learned C.is learned D.was learned

(  )4.—Look at the sign on the right.(2011年贵州安顺)

—Oh, parking __ here.

A.doesn’t allow B.isn’t allowed

C.didn’t allowed D.wasn’t allowed

(  )5.It’s true that Shakespeare’s play __ by so many people every year.(2011年山东)

A.see B.will see C.are seeing D.is seen

(  )6.—How clean and tidy your bedroom is!(2011年四川广安)

—Thank you.It __ every day.

A.cleans B.is cleaned C.was cleaned



1.The __ (表面) of the stone is rough.

2.Five __(邮递员) are very kind in the company.

3.I give my mother a pair of __ (手套).

4.The __ (原料) of the product is unknown.

5.He gave a __ (帽子) to me.


1.He is not __ (allow) to go home.

2.The flowers need __ (water).

3.There are many traffic __ (accident) on the road.

4.What’s your pen __ (make) of?

5.What language is __ (speak) in France?


(  )1.Passengers are not allowed __.

A.smoke B.smoking C.to smoke D.smoked

(  )2.If all business goes paperless, at least one million tons of paper will be __ a year.

A.used B.saved C.copied D.offered

(  )3. Gian Tara are studying Chinese history and culture now.They find them rich and amazing.

A.Both; and B.Not only; but also

C.Either; or D.Neither; nor

(  )4.—Look! All the students are clapping with excitement.How nicely you sing!


A.You are right B.I don’t think so

C.Thank you D.That’s all right

(  )5.The pizza __ good.I’d like some more.

A.turn B.sounds C.feels D tastes

(  )6.Do not use so much water.It’s __.

A.healthy B.useful C.wasteful D.rude

(  )7.Wembley Stadium (温布利大球场) is one of the __ soccer fields in the world.It will be the place for soccer matches during the Olympics next month.

A.famous B.more famous C.most famous D.much famous

(  )8.__ the 632­meter Shanghai Tower is finished, it will be the second tallest building in the world.

A.When B.Since C.Before D.Unless

(  )9.—Wow! How beautiful!__ flowers are these?

—Today is Mother’s Day.They are for __, Mum.

A.Which; you B.Which; yours C.Whose; yours D.Whose; you

(  )10.—Could you tell me __

—More than a month.

A.when was Yangzhou—Taizhou Airport built

B.how often you go to Yangzhou—Taizhou Airport

C.how soon will Yangzhou—Taizhou Airport be built

D.how long Yangzhou—Taizhou Airport has been in service


In China, a lot of food is wasted every year and the waste food is enough for 200 1 people.The food is wasted in restaurants, at home and in schools, etc.

In restaurants or at home, people often order or cook 2 food.But they can’t eat it up.

When they go out of a restaurant, full and happy, they never look back 3 the uncertain food on the table again.Should Chinese consumers (消费者) be 4 for the terrible waste?

In schools, we can often see a lot of students 5 food away after meals and they only eat the food they like.

Everyone is supposed to have enough food to eat.However, in some places, the food is so little 6 a lot of people died from hunger.Although China has tried hard to solve the 7 of hunger over the past thirty years, the job is not finished yet.Food is important to us all.We 8 live without food.So 9 is necessary for us to love food and try to eat up everything on our plates.When we eat in restaurants, we should pack up the leftovers (剩菜剩饭).We also need to tell other people to stop 10 food as soon as possible. 免费资源下载绿色圃中学资源网http://CZ.Lspjy.com教案|试卷|课件|计划

(  )1.A.million B.millions C.million of D.millions of

(  )2.A.too many B.many too C.too much D.much too

(  )3.A.in B.at C.on D.up

(  )4.A.interested B.excited C.happy D.sorry

(  )5.A.throw B.threw C.thrown D.to throw

(  )6.A.which B.when C.where D.that

(  )7.A.problem B.question C.danger D.mistake

(  )8.A.can B.can’t C.mustn’t D.may

(  )9.A.it B.he C.she D.they

(  )10.A.waste B.to waste C.wasting D.to be wasted


第3课时 (Section B)




名 词:1.c________参赛者;竞争者







动 词:1.p________磨光;修改;润色




3.h________ (有关)历史的

代 词:i________它的

兼类词:h________ n.热;高温 v.加热;变热



1.different __ of 各种各样的

2.__ as例如

3.turn __变成

4.__ to依据

5.ask __寻求

6.in __处于困难当中

7.be 被覆盖

8.__ a high heat在高温中



1.When the lanterns are lit, they slowly________ __ the air like small hot­air balloons for all to see.


2.The paper, usually red, is __ before it is cut with scissors.


3.During the Spring Festival, they are________ __ windows, doors, and walls as symbols of wishes for good luck and a happy new year.


4.The pieces are carefully from a very special kind of clay and then to air­dry.



用for example或such as 填空。

1.Tom, ____, is my good friend.

2.I have some good friends, ____ Tom, Kate, Wangbin.

用by, with, in填空。

3.He gets to school __ bike.

4.He is painting __ a Chinese brush (毛笔).

5.I don’t know how to say “Jiaozi” __ Japanese.


(  )6. —I have __ in learning English and I’m so worried.Could you help me with it?

—Sure, I’d love to.

A.joy B.interest C.trouble D.fun

(  )7.—I __ 5,000 yuan on this iPhone.

— Wow, so much! I can’t afford it.

A.spent B.paid C.cost D.took

(  )8.—Do you know the price of the ticket?


A.pays B.costs C.takes D.spends



1.The flower is old.But many people think it is __ (生气勃勃的) at night.

2.I like the __ (童话) story.

3.Please tell us the________ (形式) of the sentences.

4.Many________ (气球) fly into the sky.

5.I __ (完成) a project last year.


1.I used __ (go) to school by bike.

2.The mountain is __ (cover) with snow.

3.The Chinese is __ (turn) into English.

4.I was added __ (do) many things.

5.It __ (take) five days to plant these trees.


(  )1.Please call us when you are __.

A.in trouble B.in help C.get trouble D.in hope

(  )2.What would you do if you met a wild animal, a tiger, __

A.as for B.such as C.for example D.suddenly

(  )3.The house is dirty.It is __ dirt.

A.cover with B.covered with C.cover D.covered

(  )4.—What does your English teacher look like?

—She’s tall and thin __ long hair.

A.have B.has C.there is D.with

(  )5.—Your coat is so beautiful.It must be expensive.

—Not really.I only __ ¥30 on it.

A.cost B.spent C.paid D.took

(  )6.—Could you please tell me________?

—They’re over there.

A.where are the restrooms B.where were the restrooms

C.where the restrooms are D.where the restrooms were

(  )7.—Jim, would you please tidy up your room by yourself? __, you are no longer a child.

— All right, I’m coming.

A.First of all B.After all C.As a result D.For example

( )8.There __ a football match and a concert this weekend.Which one would you like to go?

A.is B.are C.will be D.will have

(  )9.The young trees __ every three days.

A.are watered B.were watered C.are watering D.have watered

(  )10.There are 250 blocks of stone, and each one _ a ton.

A.weighs B.weigh C.weighed D.weighing


Now students’ English handwriting (书法) gets worse and worse.That makes their teachers feel worried.Is your English handwriting beautiful? If 1.__, here are four steps that really work!

◆Use paper with lines

Using paper with lines can keep you writing straight 2. of up or down when you write English words or sentences.Those lines on the paper can help you to write words in the right size.Be sure to 3. the lined space completely.And make sure those capital letters(大写字母) are written properly.

◆Slow down

If your writing is hard to read, try slowing down a little.For some kids, going slower makes the handwriting clear.If you write too 4., it’s hard for you to stop where you should, and even worse, you may make more 5..

◆Hold your pencil right

When you hold your pencil the correct way, writing is much 6..Some kids press down really hard when they write.That makes the handwriting not nice.Try to be relaxed and don’t hold the pencil so hard.Let your writing appear nice and clean.If you do so, people will guess you are a student 7. a good habit.

◆Draw more picture

Drawing can improve your handwriting.You need to use the skills to control (控制) your pencil better 8. you are drawing pictures.Even though you have no chance to draw at school, you can practice by 9. at home.

Handwriting is very important.Imagine you are a world­famous movie star or a well­known sports player, what do you do when your 10.__ run up to you? Give them your autographs (亲笔签名), of course!



话题5 中国制造的东西

1.No matter what you may buy, you might probably think those products __ those countries.


2.Each different part of China has its own __ traditional art.


3.These usually try to show the things that are __ such as love, beauty, and family.











参考词汇:绕月卫星 circumlunar satellite

嫦娥2号 Chang’e­2 lunar probe/Chang’e­2 lunar satellite

月球探测卫星 lunar probe/lunar exploration satellite/lunar orbiter

收集月球表面数据 collect lunar surface data


Unit 5 What are the shirts made of?课时训练题


第1课时(Section A 1a-3c)


1.of 2.from 3.by 4.in 5.up of  6.famous for 7.famous as 8.no matter what

9.C 句意:英语是我最喜欢的学科,我很擅长它。be good at擅长;在……方面做得好。


一、1.coins 2.fork 3.leaves 4.produces 5.mobile

二、1.processed 2.watching 3.handbags 4.France 5.local

三、1.D be good for意为“对……有好处”,agree with表示“同意”。句意:“我认为每天早晨喝牛奶对健康有好处。”“是的,我同意你的说法。”故选D。

2.B be made from和be made of均表示“由什么制成”,但是前者的制作材料用肉眼看不出来的,后者的能够看出来。故选B。

3.C be famous for…以……而出名;be famous as作为……而出名;be famous to 后一般接人,表示“对……熟悉,为……所熟知”。句意:我们将要去千禧龙饭店就餐,它以美食出名。故选C。

4.D no matter what意为“无论什么”,引导让步状语从句。

5.A ring意为“戒指;铃声”,hand意为“手”,ride意为“骑;乘坐”,present意为“礼物”。根据句意“我一到巴黎就给你打电话”。可知选A。

6.B 宾语it用来代替后面的不定式to study with a group。

7.A 句意:累人的一天,她感到很疲劳。tiring用作定语, tired主语是人,且作表语。故选A。

8.B 根据事实,黄岩岛属于中国是无可置疑的,故答案选B,意为“从未”。句意:无论发生什么,黄岩岛属于中国的事实是不会改变的。

9.A 从结构分析,可知这里是不定式做主语,且形容词是nice在此处强调指人的品质,因此用of。句意:“让我来帮助你搬运箱子,奶奶。”“谢谢,李雷。你帮助我太好了。”

10.C each of us与encourage构成动宾关系,each做主语,谓语动词用单数形式,且要用被动语态,故选C。

四、1—5 ACDAD

第2课时(Section A Grammar Focus-4c)


1.allow eating

2.D and前的句子要用一般现在时,根据句意“你的捐款受到高度赞扬,这笔捐款将被用于帮助贫困家庭的学生。”可知答案要选D。

3.C 题干是一个说明客观真理的强调句,故从句要使用一般现在时,排除B、D两项。knowledge与learn构成被动关系,用is learned。故选C。

4.B park是allow的宾语,当主语和谓语动词为动宾关系时,应该是被动语态。由语境可知时态为一般现在时。故选B。

5.D 题意:莎士比亚的戏每年被许多人观看是真的。句中主语为Shakespeare’s play,与see与动宾关系,故用被动语态。故本题选D。

6.B It指代上句中的bedroom,it和clean构成被动关系,故用被动语态。由every day可知,该句是一般现在时,故用一般现在时的被动语态。


一、1.surface 2.postmen 3.gloves 4.material 5.cap

二、1.allowed 2.watering 3.accidents 4.made 5.spoken

三、1.C be allowed to do sth.被允许做某事。

2.B 由句意“如果实行无纸办公,每年至少有一百万吨纸张被节省。”可知选B。

3.A 由系动词are可知,二者都在学中国历史和文化,故选A。

4.C 受到别人称赞,应当表示感谢。

5.D 句意:这个比萨尝起来很好,我还想要一些。turn变得;sound听起来;feel感觉;taste尝起来。根据句意可知选D。

6.C 句意:不要用如此多的水。很浪费的。healthy 健康的;useful有用的;wasteful浪费的;rude粗鲁的。由句意可知选C。

7.C one of 后面接形容词最高级。故选C。

8.A 句意:当632米高的上海塔楼完工,它将成世界上第二高建筑物。when意为“当……的时候”;since意为“自从……以来”;before意为“在……的前面”;unless表示“除非”。根据句意可知只有A项符合题意。

9.D 根据对话下文“今天是母亲节,这些花是给你的”可知,上句问“这是给谁的花?”;介词for后用宾格,故选D。

10.D 在宾语从句中从句的语序应是陈述句语序,排除A、C两项。根据答句“More than a month.”可知上句询问的是时间的长短,应该用how long询问。故选D。

四、1—5 ACBDA 6—10 DABAC



1.for example 2.such as 3.by 4.with 5.in

6.C joy快乐;interest兴趣;trouble困难;fun有趣。根据“我很担心”以及“你可以帮助我吗”可知此处表示“我英语学习有困难”,故选C。

7.A spend…on sth./doing sth.在(做)某事上花费……;pay for为……付钱;cost…某物值……根据句子结构可知选A。

8.B 由语境可知,此处表示“某物值……”,故应用cost。


一、1.lively 2.fairy 3.form 4.balloons 5.completed

二、1.to go 2.covered 3.turned 4.to do 5.takes/took/will take

三、1.A in trouble处于困难中。

2.C 表示举例,且能放于句末的只有for example。故选C。

3.B cover…with…意为“用……把……覆盖” 根据句意“房子很脏。它被许多灰尘覆盖。”可知要用被动语态,故选B。

4.D with意思是“有;附有”,表示特征,故选D。

5.B sb.spend money on sth.某人在某物上花钱。

6.C 宾语从句中从句的语序应是陈述句语序,排除A、B两项。“Could you please…?”是表示有礼貌请求的句型,因此本句主句不是一般过去时,由答语“They’re over there.”可知是现在时。故选C。

7.B first of all意为“首先”;after all意为“毕竟”;as a result意为“作为……的结果”;for example意为“例如”。由句意“吉姆,请把房间整理好好吗?你毕竟不再是小孩子了。”可知选B。

8.C 由时间状语this weekend和Which one would you like to go?可知,句子要用一般将来时态;这是个there be结构的句型,故选C。

9.A 主语trees与water之间构成动宾关系,trees做主语,要用被动语态;且由every three days可知时态为一般现在时。故选A。

10.A each one每一个,做主语时,谓语动词要用单数。由前半句可知时态为一般现在时,故选A。

四.1.not 2.instead 3.fill 4.fast/quickly 5.mistakes 6.better/nicer/easier 7.with 8.when/while/as  9.yourself 10.fans



Chang’e 2 was scheduled for launch on October 1st, 2010, the national day of China.Chang’e 2 is China’s second lunar orbiter.It is modeled after Chang’e 1 with some improvements including a better camera with higher resolution.Chang’e 2 will be traveling 100 kilometers above the moon for 120 hours.Its goal is to collect lunar surface data.All this shows that the development of science and technology in China has reached a high level.In the future, I believe that we will explore the universe further and further.

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